garcia the artist


I'm David Garcia, I am a 3D artist who enjoys developing 3D
environments and characters. My designs have been featured
in everything from films to video games to schematics
for architects. I am passionate about the world of 3D,
it allows you to explore new territories that may have not
been discovered without a little imagination.

3D characters


Handsome Zombie Render Study

Zombie Render Study

3D enviroments

Food Establishment Visualization for Marc Schreiber

Virtual Campus, Leaping Brain

Virtual Campus, Leaping Brain

Couch Concept for Jagoli Furniture

“Rooftop” Top View for Battle! (Board Game)

“Lobby” Top View for Battle! (Board Game)

Men's Bathroom Mock-Up for Jagoli Furniture

Women's Bathroom Mock-Up for Jagoli Furniture

Bull & Bear Patio

Metro Patio

Metro Patio

Siena Tavern Patio Night

Siena Tavern Patio


Volcan Lu

Handsome Zombie

Macchinisto Concept 1

Macchinisto Concept 2

Volcan Lu Original Design

Pandabot Concept Sketch

Smiling Man


If you would like a copy of my resume, you can download it here.
Feel free to send any questions to:

David Garcia 2012